Specialising in musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, spinal and sports rehabilitation

George is the clinical lead at East London Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine and has been a physiotherapist at Marylebone Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine for over six years now, having worked in private practise for over 10 years. He qualified from the University of Southampton and worked in a comnination of outpatient clinics, orthopaedics and for sports clubs ever since. George has been the first team physiotherapist at both Portsmouth RFC and Old Streetionians RFC and has worked in a number of sports at national level.

George is passionate about helping people return to what they love and helping them achieve their full potential. Having had his fair share of injuries he understands how frustrating injuries and pain can be. He believes in a multi-pronged approach of exercise, manual therapy and education to achieve this, in addition to working with some of the top consultants in London.

George is always looking to further develop and learn. He recently completed the Fifa Diploma in Football Medicine, and is qualified in Pilates, a variety of soft tissue massage techniques, spinal mobilisations and dry needling, amongst other techniques. He is currently looking to consolidate some knowledge by studying for the National Strength and Conditioning Asociation (NSCA) certified strength and conditioning specialist exams.

This said, he works with a broad range of people from professional athletes and the arts, to weekend warriors and the more sedentary. Helping with injuries, post operative rehab, back and neck pain, and everyday aches and pains, which is an area we are seeing on the rise particularly following the pandemic and an increase in more sedentary lifestyles and working from home.

When not at work George enjoys sport (mainly watching these days) getting on his bike, exercising, and trying to get some of London’s shows and exhibitions.