Specialising in musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, spinal and sports rehabilitation

John originally hails from Northern Ireland and graduated from the University of East London. Having been in and out of physio himself as a teenager, due to many different sporting injuries, meant that from a young age John knew that he wanted to be involved in high level athlete rehabilitation.

He has a wealth of experience working in different private clinics across London and Northern Ireland as well as treating pitch side through his hockey and football.

John uses a combination of effective hands-on treatment and biomechanical analysis to accelerate recovery times and ultimately get his patients back to full fitness – whether that be professional athletes, weekend warriors or people just starting out on their fitness journey.

Personally, he has a background in elite level hockey and has a keen interest in Football, Mixed Martial Arts, Running and Skiing. During the winter months you’ll find him on the slopes across Europe; during the summer you’ll find him on hockey tour in the UK and abroad.