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Day 4 – Half Way Home!

Day 4 – And at the end of play today, David will be almost exactly half way through the swim – CONGRATULATIONS DAVID!!

But there’s still a long way to go…and as we mentioned yesterday, David contracted a nasty stomach bug and was suffering with severe vomiting and diarrhea all day which has meant that he’s struggled to keep up a good pace.

As well as falling behind schedule, David is also battling with his body. The vicious cycle of sickness means he is reluctant to eat but desperately needs too as he’s burning 8000 calories a day. So the fact that ‘Thames Tummy’ is wiping out his appetite is not good as he needs to refuel in order to continue with the challenge. In an attempt to compensate he is taking plenty of re hydration salts and of course, our very own Chris McLean is at hand to assess David at every stop.

But don’t just take our word for it, you can see for yourself here – as Sports Relief have been documenting David’s every twist and turn and Chris certainly features as more than just a walk on!
In fact, Chris needed just to borrow a pair of wings from one of the Clinic Angels for his starring role as Cupid as he brought David into the arms of his beautiful wife, Lara Stone











And as if playing Cupid wasn’t enough work for one day, Chris also took on the role of a Page 3 star in the Daily Express today…but you’ll be relieved know (or perhaps not?!),  there was no flesh on show and Chris was fully clothed – page 3 stunner!

That’s not to say we don’t think you have a cracking pair though Chris!!

Speaking of Page 3 Stunners and flesh on show…just a little reminder to all our patients…the more money you pop in our Sports Relief donation pot, the greater your chance is to see our Physio boys,  Simon, Seb and Vuko ‘Trunking’…IN A MANKINI!!

It’s all in your hands treasured patients! If we raise enough money for Sports Relief, you WILL be seeing Simon, Seb and Vuko wearing one of these bad boys












…and I will insist that they get some lunging action involved, don’t you worry!

Top Trunkers of the day include Rory Maguire and Neil Maurice – two wonderful patients who made very generous donations to our Sports Relief pot today – probably more for the sake of NOT seeing the boys in little less than dental floss! But either way,  thank you both so much. The money we raise for Sport Relief is spent by Comic Relief to reach poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged people, so the more cash we can raise together, the more lives they can transform.

In an interview for the Sports Relief home page, David said ‘When I heard the total raised had jumped to more than £200,000 it gave me a real boost, as do the thousands of people who have been turning out and cheering.’

So come on lovely patients, let’s dig deep, donate hard and keep David going.

He’s halfway home..let’s help get him all the way.

‘Over and Out’




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