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Namaste – Rest and Recovery

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

with Rebecca Tung

Perhaps a more popular and recognizable concept used in rigorous activities and sports are ‘warm ups’ and ‘cool downs’, preparing the body to wind up and easing the body to cool down – all to prevent the ‘nasties’ – jarring, twisting, pulling and to the extreme breaking, tearing or shearing. Ooooohhhh. Never fun!

What perhaps doesn’t get as much radio time is the same concept for stress and adrenalin on our nervous system. In this example – the rigorous activity…over work, long nights, early starts and the London tube!

Perhaps our muscles get that little bit more care and attention because they are tangible – we can see them grow, see them shrink…see a result when they lengthen and feel it when they are too short. What is a mystery to many of us are the effects of our nervous systems – such an invisible yet strangely powerful system we are often a victim to it’s displeasures and unable to attribute associated pleasures. When we have ‘overworked it’, we are the first to know it – from the shooting pains of sciatica to the shooting pains of headaches, sudden numbness or uncontrollable jitters to the fogginess of lethargy or loosing our ability to sleep without interruptions  (unless the little interruptions are our kids!)– You bet you will find an unhappy nervous system in there somewhere!

And what if our nervous systems were healthy? What if we could do things that assist our nervous system and its ‘eccentricities’, soothe it without popping a pill? Just like our muscles need a little TLC and ‘pumping’, lets learn to address the concerns of our nervous systems.

These are yoga approaches and are general recommendations – for specific issues or concerns, please contact our lovely ladies at reception.

Adhomukha Virasana (Childs pose)

Use support of blankets and bolsters allowing for the emphasis to rest and relax into your breathing patterns. Breathing patterns and the effect on the nervous system has been well studied by yogi’s. Kneeling on a padded floor, position your knees wider than your toes, then lean forward so that you lay out on top of your pile of pillows or bolster so your chest is well supported. Place a blanket between your heels and buttocks so you have a seat. Practice taking a few breaths extending your inhalations / exhalation cycles – also relaxing your shoulders / neck / back muscles – soothed muscles helps soothe your nervous system. 3-5 m

Viparita Korani (Legs up the wall)

Position yourself near a wall, slide your legs up the wall, place a bolster underneath your hips, and position your trunk and head laying on the floor (face up). Place a thin pillow underneath your head; cover your body for warmth and your eyes (light can often be irritating without us being aware of it).  The legs being elevated encourages circulation, if your hamstrings are tight place your legs on a chair instead. 3-5 min.

Savasana (Corpse pose)

This can be set up in many variations to encourage better breathing patterns and better release of tight back muscles and unnecessary holding patterns in the abdomen. Lie on the floor as if you are aligning your body along a straight line, place a long blanket that is positioned at your lumber spine and runs all the way to support your head. In addition to this, place a small pillow underneath your head. Your trunk and chest will feel elevated and there will be a slight descending feeling at your legs. Again, cover your eyes, cover your body and ENJOY! 5 – 10 min

Boosting your immune system the natural way

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Boosting your Immunity : Part 1 : Cold & Flu

Having a cold once a year is good thing as it detoxifies the body.

However recurrent catching a cold or prolonged recovery might indicate deeper cause(s)

Reason(s) can be

1. Built up toxins in the body

2. Stress

3. Unhealthy gut

4. Nutrient(s) deficiency

5. Hormonal imbalance

6. Diet

7. Allergy

8. Sluggish Liver

9. Lack of sleep or rest

Nutrient Boosting Foods

Eat simple foods such as soup when feeling chills

More fruits or vegetable juices (ideally homemade, avoid made from concentrated ones) when feeling feverish.

For acute symptoms eating less can actually help the body in detoxifying.

1. Liquid (still water, herbal teas such as nettle, ginger & lemon, rosehip and soups)

2. Beta carotene rich foods such as carrot, squash, pumpkin, broccoli, kale, watercress

3. Fruits rich in antioxidant such as berries

4. Unsaturated fat

5. White colored vegetables to strengthen lungs such as garlic, turnip, cabbage, radish, daikon radish, mushroom, kuzu( Japanese root vegetable)

6. Mucilaginous foods – grounded flax seeds, marshmallow, sea weeds

7. Green powder such as wheat/ barley grass, blue green algae, chlorella

8. Fibre such as pectin, grounded flax seeds

9. Protein ( Fish, chicken, turkey, tofu)

Foods to avoid

1. Sugar!!!!!!

2. Coffee, alcohol, smoking

3. Saturated fat such as cheese, red meat, hydrogenated fat such as margarine

Trans fat such as deep fried foods

4. Processed foods, foods containing additives


1.Vitamin C 2-3g a day

2.Whey protein powder



5.Colloidal silver water



2.Golden seal



5.Elder berry (sambucus nigra)


7.Bee products such as propolis, royal jelly

8.Medicinal mushroom


Acute case, take one pill every 30min under the tongue

1.Aconite 30c

2.Apis 30c

3.Belladonna 30c

4.Gelsemium 30c


Steam               Eucalyptus, Tea tree

Massage oil     Jojoba oil 30ml

Benzoin 3drops, Eucalyptus 5 drops, Sandal wood 2 drops

Cedar wood 2 drops, Frankincense 2 drops


Helps to strengthen immunity and release the nasal congestion and cough

Prevention is better than cure

1.Eat healthily, lots of antioxidant

2.Dry skin brush esp. between shoulder blade, chest and arms

3.Improve the lymphatic flow (exercise, massage)

4.Sleep well

5.Sweat to eliminate toxins (hot bath with dead sea salt, sauna, exercise)

6.Bowel health (probiotics, high fibre, aloe vera juice, bentonite clay)

7.Stress management

8.Keep the back of the neck, upper & lower back and ankles warm


10.   Do not ignore the early sign of onset.

Sponsored Read in aid of Debra

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Please sponsor Diva and Sofia McLean

Sofia and Diva

Katia and Chris’s daughters Sofia and Diva are doing a sponsored read in aid of DEBRA, a charity supporting children and adults suffering from a rare genetic condition. Sofia has a classmate with this condition.

Diva would be really grateful if you would sponsor her for reading her socks off throughout half term next week!

If you would like to sponsor them please email Reception for further details

On behalf of Diva and Sofia, thank you.

You can find more information on including information and a special screening of a short film highlighting this rare condition showing on 1st November in Belsize Park.

The Opium Den

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

We all decamped to The Prince Regent on Marylebone High Street on Wednesday night to say goodbye to Eloise and Mike and hello to Holly and Vuko.  We sat upstairs in the Opium Den room and ate and drank ourselves silly until we had to leave, Simon kept appearing with more shots of a dubious nature and everyone looks a little jaded today!

Lucy and Mike

Alona and Andrew

Ayano and Katia

Eloise and our lovely new receptionist Holly

Jess and Mike


Danjela, Pete, Seb and new Physio Vuko!

Boost your immunity and beat the flu this winter

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Winter’s on the way … don’t fall victim to colds and flu, boost your immunity this coming season!

Is your immune system strong?

Do you get colds and flu every year and find it hard to shake off?

In my next free health talk, I am talking about

-Stress and immunity

-Gut health and immunity

-Foods that lower immunity

-Foods, supplements and herbs to strengthen immunity

-What to do when you run down

Let’s start preparing to be bubbly, happy and shiny throughout the cold season!

26th Oct 2010

From 7 pm for 1 hour

At Marylebone Physiotherapy, 8 Dorset Square, London

Ayano Izuta


Yoga at Marylebone Physio

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Yoga at Marylebone Physio

Rebecca practising yoga

During individual yoga sessions at Marylebone Physiotherapy

Rebecca uses a safe and systematic approach to learning

yoga postures.

Yoga provides fantastic overall benefits in the areas of:

- Strength

- Flexibility

- Stamina

- Concentration

- Body Alignment

- Balance

- Muscle Recruitment

These are all vital aspects to higher functioning and

increased performance outcomes for those coming from a variety of sporting backgrounds.

Sessions have a rehabilitative focus and are designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. Whilst you needn’t have a particular health concern to participate in sessions with Rebecca, some of the conditions that can be addressed are:

- Systemic conditions – for example chronic fatigue, headaches / migraines, circulatory / cardiovascular conditions or high / low blood pressure

- Neurological disorders

- Chronic stiffness and flexibility issues

- Musculoskeletal injuries

- Pelvic instability concerns, including pre/post pregnancy conditions

- Psychological concerns – for example depression and anxiety

If you would like to arrange an individual yoga session with Rebecca, please speak to Reception.

New faces!

Monday, October 4th, 2010

We’ve been very busy lately and things have been changing at the clinic.

Mike is very sadly leaving us to complete his Masters and prepare for a move abroad in the coming year. It’s also a sad goodbye to Eloise who is leaving to pursue her career on stage – her theater company Pants on Fire and their play Ovid’s Metamorphoses has taken the theatre world by storm and they are off to perform in New York in January! We are all massively proud of her and will miss her hugely.  New Receptionist Holly starts today and has already been thrown in the deep end as we are in the middle of the stupid tube strike. Will put some info up on Holly soon.

Amy is getting married on Saturday and will be back at the end of October after her honeymoon, a married woman! Seb is studying for further manual therapy qualifications and will be in for only Thursdays and Fridays for the next few weeks.

We are also welcoming Vuko, our new physio from Australia who started this week. You can find out more about Vuko here.

Busy busy